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Even the sturdiest electrical systems can deteriorate and develop various problems over the years. Fortunately, when this happens to the electrical system in your property, you can rely on Mr Electric Inc. for expert assistance. We are based in Los Angeles, CA, and we offer high-quality residential electrical services to our customers. Book an appointment with our team now!

The World-Class Electrical Solutions That We Provide

Rewiring Services

Rewiring Services
If your property is more than decades old and still has its original wiring, or if you’re planning to replace your old appliances with high-performance models, it’s time to do a rewiring project. By doing so, you can replace old, worn-out wires and components and make your electrical system safer and more efficient. Don’t worry since our electricians can take care of your rewiring project from start to finish! Just give us a quick call if you’re ready to take advantage of our electrical rewiring service.

Electrical Panel Upgrade
Most electrical panels are built to last for many years, but remember that they do wear out at some point. If your circuit breaker trips constantly for no apparent reason, or if you see any burn marks around the panel, you’ll want to replace it ASAP. You should also do an upgrade if your property is still using a fuse box, which is more prone to overheating and doesn’t provide enough protection. You can use our electrical panel repair and replacement services if you’re ready to start your upgrade.

Generator Repair

Generator Repair
Having a reliable emergency generator is important especially if you live in an area where blackouts are quite common. If you already have a generator but it’s starting to malfunction, give our team a call! We specialize in generator repairs, and we can fix almost any type of issue and bring your generator back to excellent working condition. By getting our assistance, you’re assured that your generator will be functional and dependable again, and you can make it last for many more years.


Why Should You Hire an Electrical Contractor?

Some electrical tasks are basic and simple enough to DIY, while others are more difficult and require the skills of experienced and fully trained contractors. If you’re dealing with the latter, it’s best to hire a trusted electrician like us! We’ll bring your electrical tasks to completion, and we’ll restore the function and performance of your electrical system and make it safer to use.

How We Deliver Our Services

Here at Mr Electric Inc., we use advanced techniques that allow us to complete all electrical repairs and installations according to the highest standards. We also rely on modern tools and equipment that help us perform our tasks in a safe and efficient way and finish everything within the shortest possible time. By using our services, you’re assured that your electrical projects will be completed on time and that you’ll see excellent results.

Mr Electric Inc. is one of the best electrical service providers that you can trust in Los Angeles, CA. Call us today and book your appointment!

Client’s Testimonial

by Harold Werner on Mr Electric Inc.
Very Dependable

This contractor upgraded my old electrical panel. They helped me choose the right panel for my property and they finished the task quickly. If you need residential electrical services, you won't go wrong with hiring this company.

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