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FAQ About Our Electrical Service

Maintaining an electrical system is a very complex job. A professional contractor is expected to fix a great variety of issues, incorporating electrical surges, circuit drops, along with new installations and maintenance. But all that doesn’t scare our scrupulous technicians from Mr Electric Inc.. We are an electrical contractor that has been offering prompt services for many years. But what specific services are we talking about?

Q: What projects do your teamwork on?

A: You can hire our team members for emergency services first of all. They encompass burnt outlets and switches, defective panels, circuit breakers, and much more. At the same time, you can turn to our company for new electrical rewiring service, repairs, and inspections. We deal with lighting and exhaust fans too.

Q: Do you work for residential and commercial customers?

A: Yes, that’s right. You can contact us for residential and commercial projects.

Q: Can you install new outlets so that I don’t see the cords everywhere?

A: Yes, of course! Hanging cords are not just unsightly, but dangerous. Our technicians need to inspect your home to determine the exact location of the new outlets. Then, we will have to drill a hole in the wall for the new outlet placement. We will do the job with minimum hassle and inconvenience.

Q: Can you tell me how I can keep my energy bills low?

A: It’s two simple words – electrical maintenance. The more often you get your system inspected and accordingly address any problems, the better. As an electrical service provider, we can give you suggestions on what lighting, bulbs, and appliances to use to keep your monthly expenses within a reasonable amount. It is our main mission to provide 100% safety and convenience for all our local customers.

Q: What is a short circuit?

A: This is the process that occurs when a wire comes into contact with a grounded conductor. It causes a tingling feeling all over your body. If you have already sensed a short circuit in your home or business, do not waste time and call us and we’ll send an experienced electrician to fix the issue.

Q: Can you recommend a good lighting system for my office?

A: Naturally! Our electricians will arrive to check your current system. We will also inspect the area and the location of all light fixtures. After taking the necessary measurements, we will recommend an energy-efficient system.

Q: How about your rates?

A: They are some of the most competitive in Los Angeles, CA. Request a free quote, free advice, and a free safety inspection now.

Q: Why do my bulbs burn out so frequently?

A: Power surges can cause larger wattage bulbs to burn out quite often. Don’t let it become a routine and contact our residential electrical services for a fast and effective inspection.

Do you have more questions? Maybe you need some of our electrical panel repair services? You can always browse through our website for more information or you can speak with a company representative by reaching us at (323) 968-2321. Call us today, we’re always happy to help!